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Rowan Hunkin is a fine artist that produces high quality photorealistic drawings.


His subject matter is predominately African wildlife. Living in South Africa for 26 years helped to nurture his love for the African bush and it's animals.


"As a child growing up, I used to love spending hours drawing. In school I used to draw in my school books, starting at the back of the book and it was not long until the drawings overtook my schoolwork. Even back then my subject matter was mainly wildlife and animals.  


I love to draw in high detail. I allow my eyes to act like a sponge soaking up all the detail they possibly can. I want my drawings to provide the viewer's eye with unlimited entertainment. I want to keep them occupied as they continuously discover new details in the work. 


Africa will always be a part of me. I like working in the warm colours of the African bush and it's animals."


His medium of choice is coloured pencils, but he does occasionally work in graphite and aquarelle.


His works are sold exclusively as an ORIGINAL and no prints are available.